New joy, appreciation and purpose can arise as you heal in the present and are able to imagine and create a more harmonious and vibrant future.
— Deborah Ennis, LMHC
Deborah Ennis, Healing Therapies Cape Cod - Welcome

Staying present and mindful while facing life’s ups and downs can be challenging. It’s easy to become confused or to lose connection with your inner strength and wisdom. If you are feeling alone or lacking the support you want from others, everyday challenges can seem overwhelming. Your ability to handle stressful situations can be further compromised by a history of trauma or even ordinary developmental wounds.

As your therapist, I offer my calm, caring attention as you seek to create a more satisfying, balanced life. The problems you encounter in the present provide opportunities to observe patterns (of thought, emotion and body sensation) which reinforce self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.  By bringing awareness to these patterns with curiosity rather than judgment, you have the opportunity to invite growth, healing and change into your life.

It isn’t necessary or desirable to continue down the old, outgrown paths which lead to predictable and unsatisfying outcomes. New joy, appreciation and purpose can arise as you heal in the present and move forward into the future.

I invite you to explore this website to see how I work and review the resources I bring to the healing environment. Welcome to Healing Therapies.

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