Mindful Eating


Mindful Eating


Do you find yourself eating when you aren’t hungry, or when you are stressed, or as a way to comfort and soothe yourself? Does eating provide a primary source of pleasure and fun in your life? 
This group is based on proven mindfulness strategies for developing a healthier relationship to food and body image. This class provides information, practice, discussion and inspiration on weight loss and improved health.

Next 6 week session TBA. Contact me for information

Cost: $225, (sign up in advance and pay in full, $200). Contact Deborah to sign up.


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In it we’ll explore mindful approaches to our relationship with food and eating, including:
Bringing kindness and compassion to ourselves and our bodies even when we overeat or make unhealthy choices (and learn how this helps us move towards more consistent mindful eating patterns over the long run)

  • “Stop, breathe and bite”
  • Checking in with our hunger level before, during, and after a meal or snack
  • Strategies for social eating situations
  • “All or nothing” thinking
  • Assessing our true needs and how best to meet them